Thrill The World

Is an event created by Ines Markeljevic in tribute to Michael Jackson for world records and for charity – #thrilltheworld @thrilltheworld

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Darkness falls across the land…

This page has protected content. In an effort to collect as many zombie participants as we can, we have redesigned our website to allow Centralized Registration, Fundraising Efforts, and a Collective Voice to happen across the continents. All videos, tools, and manuals are now only available to subscribers.

Are you interested in joining an event or becoming an event manager in your city?

Register and join the elite group of event managers who are taking part in this world wide event or simply sign up to the website as a zombie dancer and enjoy our tutorial videos! Either way we are THRILLED you joined us! Grrr Arrrggghhhh!

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We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

Event Managers

Event Managers have access to everything at the zombie dancer level, as well as access to our event manager tool kit which now includes everything you need to create an official Thrill The World event. We offer detailed instructions, event manager guides, logos, pod-casts, administrative support, and the opportunity to get world wide exposure by having dancers register directly on the thrill the world website.

$25 for the year Sign Up
Free Zombie Dancer Membership

Being a Thrill The World dancer rocks! Subscribe here and unleash your inner dancing zombie self!! After registering here you will have access to our dancer tool kit page and website to register for an event near you. You also will get to interact with other zombie dancers all across the globe!

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Thrill The World Inc, is a Not For Profit 501(c)(3) Global Event and is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas also a 501(c)(3), a non-profit arts service organization.
Thrill The World is a worldwide event run by fans and is in no way endorsed by Sony Music Entertainment.
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