From the Desk of Ines


Dear Participants, Dancers, Sponsors, Volunteers, Event Managers, TTW Supporters, and Fans:

It  has been brought to my attention that a few groups are dancing on  incorrect dates and incorrect times yet are still promoting themselves  as if their events are the official Thrill The World Day.  Please understand that this is a violation of our community’s mandate, and using Thrill The World logos  to promote these events is intellectual property theft.  In addition,  it is confusing to tell which is the actual event and which is  #fakenews.

Thrill The World started  out as one girl with a laptop, with the crazy notion of having a sense  of global unity by dancing at the exact same moment.  Thrill The World grew  into an annual event thanks to many caring volunteers who believed in  the vision and who facilitated in making this a worldwide event.

Thrill  The World is only one day each year - the Saturday before Halloween.   It is not on Halloween, not 2 or 3 weeks before, and not in the spring.   It is one special day along with special times designated by the TTW  Global Team for TTW‘s worldwide simultaneous dance event.  TTW must take  place on the date and times set by TTW or consequently a dance group  will not be counted as part of the world record attempt.  It is also  incredibly unfair and a policy violation to lead participants to think  otherwise.  It is misleading to the spectators who attend, to the media  who support, and to the dancers who specifically participate in the  worldwide unity of those 6 minutes of dancing.  

I  am aware that the dates and times selected might not work for everyone,  and it is certainly permissible for a group to hold their own  "Thriller"- themed dance events whenever they would like.  However, if  they choose an alternate date and time other than is set by the TTW  Global Team, their event cannot be called Thrill The World, and  if they are hosting their own independent "Thriller" dance on a day  other than the official Thrill Day, they cannot use TTW logos, images,  artwork, text, TTW materials, etc.  If a group is promoting our upcoming  worldwide Thrill Day event at other charity fundraisers or flash mobs,  then it is perfectly acceptable to use the TTW logos and other  materials.

This  message is not meant to be a call - out, but rather a clarification so  that everyone is on the same page regarding event rules and policies.   If it has been reported and proven that an event organizer is not  abiding by these guidelines, they will lose the privilege of being a Thrill The World Event Manager.  

TTW  is an all volunteer event.  There are so many passionate individuals in  this global Thrill network donating many hours of their time. Since  TTW's inception in 2007, the cumulative volunteer work has reached  thousands of hours!    

Whether  you are new to the TTW zombie family, whether you have been here from  the early years of this global family, or whether you are just coming  back home again to join the Thrill Community, I thank you for the  difference that each and everyone of you have made in your communities  and with individuals, in ways you know, in ways you see, as well as in  all the ways you will never know.  Just know that you had a positive  impact on someone, somewhere.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours in dance and unity,

Ines Markeljevic
Founder and Creator of Thrill The World